October: Outings and Occasions

Happy Halloween! How has your October been going? Ours has been pretty busy with school, work, football, and a few Halloween activities. I can’t believe that the holiday mad dash is about to kick off right after this. Does this energize you or do you find yourself dragging? Personally, it energizes me at the start and then by the time the holiday itself arrives, I’m over it.

Halloween at Home

My goal this year was to just pick and choose a few activities to do and Halloween decorations to put up. I wasn’t planning to break the bank on this one. I had plenty of decor left over from previous Halloweens and I added a few lights to round out the display. My kids are teenagers so Halloween has taken on a different feel. They still dress up and want candy but we don’t search for the perfect costume like we use to. A scary mask and some face paint usually does the trick. Still, our neighborhood goes all out and everyone sets up tables for the trick or treaters at the end of the driveway. I always make sure to have plenty of candy, allergy friendly items, and dog treats (love the dog costumes) on hand.

Below are a few Halloween touches that I placed on the table by our entryway.

The Entryway Table

Pumpkin Lights

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

This month, we went to Disney and Zoo Tampa, Creatures of the Night for some Halloween fun. I mean, Disney always goes all out and for some, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party is a must see if you’ve got little ones.

Tampa Zoo: Creatures of the Night

I cannot say enough about the Tampa Zoo (yes, that Zoo from Secrets of the Zoo on Nat Geo). The zoo itself is excellent and I recommend a visit on any day when you are in the Tampa area. But, they go all out on Halloween, and Christmas too.

From ‘scary’ costumes and haunted houses to themed food, treats, and entertainment, its an event not to be missed.

Scary Monsters
Through the Haunted Tunnel
Haunted House

Happy Halloween

Before the trick or treating starts, I always put together something fun and special for the kids, and for me and my husband. You are never too old to enjoy Halloween, right? Graveyard nachos and some brain juice should do the trick… I mean, the treat.