Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Jamie. Welcome to A Clean Slate.

A little bit about me…. I’m a wife, mother, and a technical writer on the side. My passions are traveling, reading, cooking, gardening, and I’m always looking to learn something new.

My personal philosophy is that no matter what has happened yesterday, today is a clean slate. A day to begin again and a new day to better yourself. To learn something new. To make your day beautiful. To start something, anything. I’ve had to start again multiple times in life and with each new beginning (whether wanted or not), I knew it was a clean slate, a blank canvas to paint again the way I wanted. We are each given a new day to do with it what we will. Make the most of it.

Here are a few of my favorite things to make the most of my day:

  1. Chocolate! All kinds and in any form.
  2. Animals. I love all animals and volunteer when and where I can. “Be kind to every kind, not just mankind” (Anthony Douglas Williams).
  3. Traveling. A passion from childhood that still exists. I have a mile long bucket list of places to visit.
  4. Cooking. I love to cook and while I am still learning, I do like to try new things.
  5. Going to Disney with my kids. An escape that we love in the happiest place.
  6. A beach day. I live in Florida and the beach is my happy place. Serene. Peaceful. Hard to beat when you just want to relax.
  7. Self-care and beauty products. I have a drawer full of samples and I like to try them all.
  8. Old movies. Audrey Hepburn is my favorite.
  9. A really good cheese plate and glass of wine. Manchego. Brie. Chardonnay. Cab… yum.
  10. Sleeping late on a Saturday morning. Bliss!