Star Wars Day Dinner

Happy Star Wars Day, otherwise known as May 4th.

In celebration of this day, i decided to make a special, Star Wars themed dinner. On the menu: Chewbacca Chicken, Boba Fettuccine, Jedi Juice, and Cookie cake.

As for the theming, I raided my son’s room and pulled out a few Star Wars themed items for the table.

The Wookie Chicken was fried chicken with panko breading. I fried some bacon and which i wrapped around the chicken to resemble Chewbaccas’s belt. The Boba Fettuccine was a simple alfredo sauce with lemon.

I picked up green apple sodas (Jedi Juice which resembled the color of a Jedi light saber) and a Cookie Cake from Publix.

This was a quick and easy meal to put together but the Star Wars theme made it out of this world special. My crew like it. May the 4th Be With You!

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