Setting Better Resolutions for 2022

The start of the new year is tomorrow. It goes without saying that most people want to go into the new year making resolutions for self-improvement. They want to lose weight, get healthier, workout more, be kinder, focus more on work, etc, etc… Yet, it has been proven that 80% of new years resolutions fail. Why?

The start of a new year, new month, new week, new day always presents itself as a blank page for beginning again. An opportunity to do better and to be better. A clean slate (yes, I said it : ). The mentality of begin able to start again is hopeful to all of us. it’s an opportunity to make the most of but I believe there are better ways to do it than to make a slew of resolutions that we may not be able to keep. Here are a few ideas:

Make quarterly goals. There are 365 days in 2022. No need to get all of our changes done in January, right? Most people tend to make a list of resolutions (3 or 4) and begin implementing on Jan 1. It goes without saying that making too many changes at once will likely fail. Remember, it takes time to make lasting change and starting everything at once is too much for our brains and our bodies to handle all at once. Why not make quarterly goals? Resolution # 1 is set for Jan – Mar. Resolution #2, Apr – Jun and so on. Focusing on one goal at a time will be easier to achieve and allow you to focus your energies on maintaining that change. During that 3 months, you may need to adjust but at least you are only working on one thing now. Focus on it. Perfect it. Then move on to the next.

Rather than focusing on resolutions of things “to do”, make intentions for 2022. How do you want to be? Do a really thorough self-assessment. What were your triumphs and what were your challenges? We are all human so we’ve all made mistakes. Be kind to yourself but know what your values are. Making resolutions based on values and how you want to “be” is stronger than making them based on how to want to look or what you want to do?

Is there an inspirational person or a role model that you look up to? What traits do you admire about that person? What did they do? It’s good to have someone that you admire that provides inspiration but don’t forget, only you can be you. Each person is unique and comes with his or her own set of gifts and challenges.

Make a vision board. I don’t know about you but I am a visual person. I need to see something to understand it, most of the time. Vision boards are a great way to visually represent what it is your want to accomplish. Take some time to cut out pictures, phrases, projects, people, places, and anything that inspires you. It’s your clean slate to design where you want to be this time next year or in years to come.

Choose your word for the year. I really like this trend. I’ve noticed many people choosing a word for the year that represents what they want more of in their life. I couldn’t choose just one so I have two: Calm and Mindfulness. These are things I need to work on this year. I’ve done lots of learning about mindfulness but when things get chaotic, I struggle with this one. What’s nice about choosing your word for the year is that you can also carry it with you. There are so many bracelets, necklaces, keychains, other products in which you can wear or carry with you your word that you have chosen. In times of doubt and struggle, you can know that it’s with you and refocus your mindset.

I hope that these ideas will not only help you to plan for the upcoming year but also maintain progress towards your goals and intentions. I wish each of you a very Happy New Year!

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